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Kunde LOG-IN

Impressive pension expertise for the team.

We are delighted today because @mortenpræst starts his position as Pension Broker at CIBA, where he will build a strong foundation of clients who need knowledgeable and qualified pension advice for their employees.

Morten now becomes a point of contact for clients, acting impartially with his considerable insight into the products, conditions, costs and offers of different pension companies - and then advising clients on options and direction. This goes hand in hand with his service-minded skills from Jutland.
Morten has worked for many years at major Danish pension companies - most recently as pension manager at Tryg for 17 years. Perhaps that's why the time had come to move on to a new and exciting challenge as an independent pension broker and to build his very own client portfolio.

“I'm actually most looking forward to keeping in touch with my clients and providing that extra service myself - constantly ensuring that their pension arrangements within the company are optimised at all times. Personal contact is often lost in large companies, but it’s important for the relationship - and much more fun,” Morten continues with a smile.

Morten starts his working day today in our Jutland office - surrounded by excited and expectant colleagues, all looking forward to a rewarding collaboration. A warm welcome to CIBA from both East and West.

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