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Since we always guarantee that we can offer industryspecific  advice on nsurancesolutions to our customers, Allan Aistrup and Flemming Rahr will be starting their roles as insurance brokers at CIBA – both with a permanent base in our Århus department.

For many years, Allan and Flemming have run the insurance brokerage firm, Assure A/S, but now believe that the future should be together with CIBA, as they share the same set of values – to provide impartial, trustworthy and experienced industry-specialised insurance advice to their customers.

Allan Aistrup, a specialist in environmental impairment liability insurance such as for service stations and industrial programmes, has a background and has worked for many years as an adviser of large and medium-sized enterprises as well as environmental impairment liability insurance for petrol retailers.

Flemming Rahr is a specialist in professional liability insurance for lawyers and accountants as well as executive and board liability. Flemming also has extensive knowledge of and strong skills in commercial and industrial insurance, international insurance programmes and liability programmes in general.

The whole team at CIBA, both East and West, wish the two gentlemen a warm welcome.

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