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A pension is an attractive asset

Do you have an optimal and attractive pension scheme for your employees?

  • Do you get qualified advice and a sounding board for your company pension options?
  • Do you have the confidence to challenge your current pension solution in terms of price and terms and conditions?
  • Are you providing your employees with the best financial conditions for a good life in the future?
  • Do you have the expertise necessary to navigate the jungle of pension schemes available to your employees?

In short, do you have your company pension under control?

We shed light on your options, and advise on the direction to take

Our impartial pension advisors ensure you receive expert advice when navigating the many options for choosing the right pension scheme for your employees.

Our experience enables us to provide quality advice and expert guidance, as we have insight into the various pension companies’ products, terms and conditions, costs, and offers, ensuring that we work completely impartially for you. We represent your company and your employees’ interests.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat about your colleagues’ future pension scheme here.

Put together an attractive pension scheme

A pension is security for tomorrow and one of the most important forms of saving for one’s future. With a company pension, the entire company can have the same scheme, and all employees can enjoy the same unique benefits, tailored to your company, your employees, and their needs.

An attractive pension scheme can be instrumental in employee retention, as it forms part of the employee’s overall salary package.

It is about feeling secure in the face of an unpredictable future, which is how we want you as a company to help your employees feel.

Security for your employees’ future

A pension scheme must be transparent for the employee considering the many options and reservations that may appear when the pension agreement has to be put together for the individual.

At CIBA, we understand that people are different when we help you navigate the jungle of pension schemes. Some employees want to take greater risk with their pension, while others want something low risk.

Overall, employees should feel that they’re getting good and secure guidance when it comes to making the right decisions about their future pension. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of everyone’s money

We are always ready to lend a hand

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