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Structure, order and the right insurance

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  • For those of you who juggle many balls in the air, from cooperation agreements with suppliers to the health of your employees — do you have the big picture of your opportunities?
  • Are you properly insured if a client suffers from an injury in your workplace?
  • Your warehouse must be secure after a torrential rain — including in financial terms. Do you keep track of the right agreements?
  • Are you secure against hacker attacks in your customer management system?

Or, to put it briefly — is your business insured against the worst imaginable situation?

A tailored insurance package

Commercial enterprises have many issues to address and, in particular, decisions to made to ensure that you are proper covered by the right insurance.

We at Ciba are aware of the circumstances and challenges you need to pay attention to with regard to buildings that you rent or own, the cars in the car park or the employees we meet on a daily basis. In addition, there are a number of conditions and risks that you need to take into consideration in relation to the clients you serve.

At CIBA, we ensure that we will put together the right insurance package that matches your specific desires and needs. We always perform a detailed insurance analysis of your company precisely in order to tailor and customise the right content to you and thus leave you better prepared if disaster strikes or you are involved in an accident. This generates a 24/7 sense of security.

The big picture requires knowledge

When we put together an insurance package based on a circumstantial analysis, we will, guaranteed, review your specific needs for:

  • Occupational injury insurance for your employees
  • Operating losses
  • Buildings and installations in case of fire, storm, torrential rain, lightning strike or burglary
  • Passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, lorries and work machinery
  • Fire, theft or water damage
  • Electrical damage
  • IT equipment
  • Cyber and Internet banking coverage
  • Legal aid
  • Health insurance
  • Loss of earning capacity


We are always ready to lend a hand

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