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We have an overview of pensions and insurance

— Giving You a Sense of Security, Day In and Day Out

Impartial specialised pension and insurance brokers

We identify your specific needs for pension and insurance.
And then we put together a tailored solution and find the right
insurer for you.

Because cooperation is a form of trust

At CIBA, we have a strong team of specialised pension and insurance brokers at our offices in Aarhus and Ballerup.

We always endeavour to maintain a broad overview to instil the confidence our clients need in order to trust us to ensure that they have the best pension and insurance solutions at the lowest price the market can offer. We have extensive experience and advisory expertise thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience from the pension and insurance industry.

We maintain a professional, dedicated, and passionate approach to the service we provide and the tasks we solve, as this instils confidence that we’re the right choice as a partner.

Our role as pension and insurance broker

In broad outlines, we help identify and unmask the risks and insurance needs our clients are confronted with so they are best prepared for the worst imaginable situation in connection with claims.
We give the big picture and consult based on insurance law.
We are the strongest connecting link to the respective insurance providers on the market and negotiate the best insurance contracts on behalf of our clients.
We are specialised brokers, which means that we have in-depth knowledge of both technical and financial consulting in specific industries and lines of business.

Our service

We have extensive experience in complex insurance solutions and their day-to-day administration, and we cooperate to offer the following services:

  • Analysis of the company’s risks, including customisation.
  • Our optimisation consulting.
  • Flexible freedom of action and insight into making the right decision. We cooperate with a large number of the best pension and insurance companies.
  • Solution proposal/market survey.
  • Continuous information on new or changed pension and insurance initiatives.
  • Online access to policies, insurance overviews, reports of proceedings of meetings, etc.
  • Administrative management of your pension and insurance package.
  • Help and assistance in connection with claims.
  • Fixed team of professionals assigned to monitor market developments.
  • Large international network.

We tailor your pension and insurance


The first time we meet, we have a non-binding, but confidential dialogue, revolving around your company and insurance requirements. We draw up a plan for possible collaboration.
Do not hesitate to give us a call and book an appointment at +45 72170707 or, alternatively, send us an email to


We prepare a power of attorney so we can negotiate insurance policies on your behalf and prepare a thorough insurance analysis. We go over your desires, requirements and needs for insurance coverage.


We put together the optimal insurance package for you and provide you with coverage, both based on a detailed analysis. We find the right insurance for your needs — at the right companies and the right prices.


We create an overview so you can always access your insurance policies, premiums, claims, etc. on our online portal with a unique client login.

At the same time, we are always at your service with additional advice and guidelines.


We hold regular status meetings about your insurance package. At the same time, we keep a watchful eye on the industry in general — for new coverage, regulations, and legislation that can lead to changes to your insurance terms.

Community and cooperation

We have a strong community at CIBA, where we respect each other’s expertise and, in particular, differences. This reinforces knowledge sharing across the board, helping us keep professionally competent and mentally resilient.
We constantly remind ourselves and each other of our values and have prepared strategic documents laying out our mission, which defines our raison d’être, our vision of how we want our clients and business associates to view us, as well as our values that should be the primary driver for our work efforts in our daily round.
This way we can be professional and decent not only in relation to each other, but also to our clients. All of this in order to reinforce trust and good cooperation along the way.

Overview & security

To emphasise our focus on the big picture, we have adopted the eagle as our brand. An eagle is very keen-sighted, and thus it can see so many small things at a big distance and an enormous height. At the same time, the eagle stands for awe, peace, security, authority and balance.
This is the very same skillset we offer our clients — a broad overview of insurance options available on the market and keeping a watchful eye on the insurance policies that meet the needs of our clients.
At the same time, it is important that we inspire a sense of security among our clients so that they can feel calm and secure about picking us as their insurance broker.
And indeed, we are impartial, specialised insurance brokers... who depend on no one and nothing and can be trusted 100%, all the time

We are always ready to lend a hand

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