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So you do not miss a single detail in your construction work

Contruction and civil engineering

  • What do you do if your goods vehicle suffers a theft or vandalism?
  • How do you proceed in a work-related accident — your employee will need treatment and will perhaps claim compensation?
  • What do you do if the work is not done in accordance with the contract — how do you safeguard that you will have any extra expenses covered?
  • What security do you have if one of your biggest clients turns out to be insolvent? Do you keep track of claims for damages and will you yourselves survive?

Or, to put it briefly — is your business insured against the worst imaginable situation?

We keep track of details

At CIBA, we have a team of specialised brokers who, thanks to their extensive industry knowledge, are fully geared to consult and guide you in the range of insurance policies that meet the specific needs of your industry. We create an overview of and insight into the host of options available on the market, so you have the proper insurance with the right relevant coverage if misfortune strikes.

We manage, among other things, insurance policies that meet the needs of a company’s employees, buildings, machinery, documents, your IT equipment — to put it simply, the places that pose a major risk that you will lack proper coverage in case of accident or misfortune.

Because overview builds security

As consulting specialists, we are able to put together the right insurance package and find the right insurance providers at the right prices in, among other things, the following areas:

  • Occupational injury insurance
  • Industrial and product liability
  • Automotive insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Commercial vehicles and machinery

We are always ready to lend a hand

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