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When good advice must not get more expensive internally 


  • If your consulting or negligence results in financial losses in a client — do you have the proper coverage?
  • What do you do if a colleague of yours causes damage to documents/valuables that have been entrusted to your care during a relationship with a client?
  • If you provide assistance with the conveyance of real property — are you aware of the special insurance requirements?
  • Is the liability you can incur when you are a member of a Board of Directors in your capacity as lawyer covered?

Or, to put it briefly — is your business insured against the worst imaginable situation?

It is about trust

When you serve as an adviser or consultant to clients, cooperation partners or customers, you are subject to severe requirements that you have the statutory insurance policies — but also, to the extent any disputes or other unforeseen events occur over the course of the relationship, that you also have the relevant insurance policies that can be put into effect — for both employer and employees. Considering that liability for damages can become an expensive affair, being properly insured can mean substantial savings for your company.

We figure out your insurance needs

We identify your needs down to the smallest of details, put together the right insurance package that matches your needs, whether you are a company made by partnerships or are property brokers, sit on Boards of Directors or are, for example, employed in-house at another company. The different businesses require an overview of the options available on the market so they can insure themselves in the best way possible.

As your unique insurance broker that has a unique insight into your industry, we guarantee that we will put together the right insurance package that will match your specific needs and desires.

We always perform a detailed insurance analysis of your company precisely in order to tailor and customise the right content to you and leave you better prepared.

We are always ready to lend a hand

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