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We are always ready to lend a hand

Our underlying team

At CIBA, we maintain a strong team of specialised pension and insurance brokers and assistants at offices in Ballerup, Aarhus and London.
We constantly strive to give our clients the big picture, which helps them feel secure enough to dare trust us with the responsibility — and we make sure that they enjoy the best pension and insurance solutions, the most suitable places, at the lowest price the market can offer.
We offer experience and expertise, a product of years-long knowledge and experience that we have amassed in specialist corporate consulting, where we advise clients about specific pension and insurance policies designed for their specific industry.
We employ a professional, dedicated and, in particular, passionate approach to the jobs we take on for our clients. This is what creates the confidence that we are going in the right way.

Community and cooperation

We have a strong community at CIBA, where we respect each other’s expertise and, in particular, differences. This reinforces knowledge sharing across the board, helping us keep professionally competent and mentally resilient.
We constantly remind ourselves and each other of our values and have prepared strategic documents laying out our mission, which defines our raison d’être, our vision of how we want our clients and business associates to view us, as well as our values that should be the primary driver for our work efforts in our daily round.
This way we can act professionally and decently not only in relation to each other, but also to our clients. All of this in order to reinforce trust and good cooperation along the way.

Overview & security

To emphasize our focus on the big picture, we have adopted the eagle as our brand. An eagle is very keen-sighted, and thus it can see so many small things at a big distance and an enormous height. At the same time, the eagle stands for awe, peace, security, authority and balance.

This is the very same skillset we offer our clines — a broad overview of pension and insurance options available on the market and being keen-sighted of the insurance policies that match the needs of our clients. At the same time, it is important that we inspire a sense of security among our clients so that they can feel calm and secure about picking us as their pension and insurance broker.

And indeed, we are impartial, specialised pension and insurance brokers... who depend on no one and nothing and can be trusted 100%, all the time.

Our mission

It is CIBA’s clear mission to constantly focus on and see the big picture in the pension and insurance industry so our clients can feel secure that they have done the right choice of entrusting us with this responsibility — and to make sure they enjoy the best pension and insurance solutions, the most suitable places, at the lowest price.

Our vision, which is our objective

We have a targeted vision to be the preferred choice as cooperation partners for clients who want to get clear, specialised consulting and the best help for the management of their company’s pension and insurance policies.

Values we swear by day in and day out


We have a strong community internally at CIBA, as we have respect for each other’s expertise and, in particular, differences. This reinforces team spirit and knowledge sharing across the board, helping us keep professionally competent and mentally resilient. This competence and resilience translates in a sense of community and strong cooperation with regard to our clients.


We assure you that we keep up to date on all developments in the insurance industry as well as a keen eye on our clients’ insurance policies and can thus consult and make adjustments when misfortune strikes.
At the same time, we have appointed strong professionals, all of whom represent a wide range of industries which gives us plenty of knowledge and an overview that is for our clients’ benefit.


Our clients must feel secure that they have made the right choice to entrust us with their insurance so that we can deploy our strengths wherever this makes sense for their business. So simple.


It is imperative that we are service-minded in everything we do, since we are our clients’ liaison to the insurance world — and vice versa. Our service originates, above all, in our open eyes and ears — always seeking any grounds for adaptation, adjustment and optimisation of our clients’ agreements.

Three partners with the very same mindset

CIBA P/S was founded by Tony Wiinblad and Jesper Hornstrup in 2014. In 2023 Sanne started as managing partner in Pension. 
The three are in complete agreement on CIBA’s raison d’être — a mission of being there, a vision that is our most important objective and the values that are guiding light day in, day out, as we do our duties within the company and with our clients.
Going to work must be fun: these are the best hours of the day that you devote to colleagues, cooperation partners and clients. Therefore, we value humour, smiles and a twinkle in the eye. This is exactly what our clients must also experience throughout all of their contacts with us.

We are always ready to lend a hand

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